The large slab format stoneware - otherwise called sintered stone - is a natural artificial product that faithfully reproduces the various types of natural surfaces.

Raw materials such as feldspar, quartz, glass, silica, clay and natural minerals used as dyes, give the finished product a high resistance and purity. After the process of mixing the raw materials, the compound undergoes pressing at more than 400 bar and then begins the cooking process which will take place at a temperature between 1,200 and 1,300 degrees centigrade. We will have a very resistant finished product with standardized dimensions of 1600x3200 mm. that will allow the realization of unique projects.

This new technology used for the production of sintered stone or stoneware, thanks to the Deep Digital decoration, allows us to offer products with a graphic resolution very close to reality; the consistency in graphics and size will give the possibility to realize large projects guaranteeing the same design on every single slab, even for thousands of square meters.

New technologies have made it possible, allow us to achieve high quality standards and at the same time contain energy consumption and environmental impact.

Giorgio Pelicani

AGS Group

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